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The history of slot machines

With the popularity of slots games, both traditional ones played by the cabinet or online slots, there has been a continuous development. And have you ever wondered whether when did the start of this betting game occur? Or how does the game look different in modern casinos located in casinos? 

The history of slot machines has existed for over 100 years. It is estimated that in 1891, it was the year that the original gambling machine was born with the work of the invention and development of Sittman and Pitt. They invented Gambling machine From the basics of poker games, which uses 50 cards divided into 5 stacks and uses 1 nickel coin per roll per spin using the side lever.

This slots device was very popular among people in those days. It was a norm and almost a must for every bar to have this slots machine back then.

Victory996, Your Trusted Slot Thai Platform

Victory996 is one of the leading best online casino Thailand today. When you gamble on online slots here, you will be in for a fun betting experience with us. Slots is an online gambling game that is easy to understand and very rewarding. Slot online is full of fun and can be played through the website or on your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere. The development is controlled by the micro-processor system provided to the casino as much as possible, which has many benefits for planning the way for slots games. 

Why Play Slots Online Thailand at Victory996?

In this day and age it is easy to get on the internet and start playing casino games online. Gambling online also help you to save time and makes you feel like you’re in there. There are many casino sites to choose from so picking one that is reliable and safe can be difficult as you will require plenty of research and feedback.

You can be assured that when you game with us, you will enjoy a hassle-free online casino Thai experience. Here are some reasons why you should play slots with us:

1. We are a reputable and reliable site that protects your privacy and provides secured transactions

2. We have a variety of slot games

3. We have various promotions, rewards and bonuses to increase your chances of winning

4. We provide quick deposit and withdrawals

5. We provide good customer services that are available 24 hours a day

At Victory996, you can go in and play whenever you are ready. Whether it is during the lunch break, at home or whenever you have the opportunity, you can easily connect to the games you want to play without wasting time re-signing in when you become a member of our site. You can also play with ease knowing you have a professional and reliable team ready to serve you with pleasure and sincerely hope that you will gamble comfortably at Victory996.

Types of Slot Online TH Games

There are many fun games that can be played easily in the world of slots. Here’s a list of the available slot game platforms or slot brands we have on our casino online that you can enjoy:

  • Simple Play
  • Microgaming
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Play n’ Go
  • Pocket Games Soft
  • Gameplay Interactive
  • Joker
  • Playtech
  • Sky3888

Popular Slot Thailand Games

We offer more than 200 online slots games here. Whether you are a newbie or an online slots expert, subscribe to Victory996 to immediately to bet on the great online slots game. Relax with our wonderful range of slots games that are meant to let you have fun while winning as much as you can. Below are some of the popular favorite slots among the Thais people you can consider playing:

  • Mafia Slot
  • Fortune Cat
  • Cai Shen Dao
  • Lucky Fa
  • Dragon 8
  • Candy Dreams
  • Golden Princess
  • Ace of Spades
  • Fruit Bonanza
  • Lucky Diamonds
  • Gold Rush
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo
  • and more!

How to play online slots

Online slots is among the easiest casino games to play. Even if you have never tried online casino games or slots, you can play online slots in the shortest time. First of all, you have to top up credit before playing slots every time, or if you already have credit, you can play immediately. If you go into online slots games, there will be slots showing the amount of credit (credit is the amount of money or comparable to the coins used to drop slots in the beginning).

Playing online slots in each game will use up the credit you have and the credits required for each game varies depending on the type of slot game you choose and the prize offered. If you use quite a high amount of credit, you will also receive a high reward. You can play online slots from 1 baht to ten thousand baht. After checking the available credits, you can choose the amount of credits to play at a time. Press spin to play. You can play continuously without you having to hit the Auto spin button. You will be rewarded only when you strike the same image of 3 consecutive pictures or 3 lines in the same way. 

Additional Explanation

  1. Line Bet: shows the credits used to bet on 1 line. Can be adjusted, such as Line Bet 1.5, 2, 5, 10
  2. Lines: shows the number of lines You can choose a minimum of 1 line. The maximum play line you choose depends on the game being played, such as 10 Lines, 30 Lines.
  3. Total Bet: shows the total amount of credit bet, for example (Line Bet = 10 Baht). X (Line = 15 lines) = Total bet = 150 baht)
  4. Spin: Spin the online slots to randomly find the slot symbols.
  5. Win: Shows the amount of money you can play after the spin. each time
  6. Balance: show the balance in your game User
  7. Auto Spin:. Buttons for automatic wheel spin. You can choose the number of times.
  8. Pay table: Menu button for click to see the details of the game, such as Free Spin, the rate of pay in each symbol
  9. Max Bet: Click to spin the online slots with the highest bet (Select the Maximum Lines, Select Line Bet 

Is Playing Online Slots Legal in Thailand?

In Thailand, any form of gambling including playing slot machine is illegal. However, there isn’t any clear rule when it comes to online slots but they are considered not allowed as well.

However, offshore gaming sites do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Thai government so anyone who is in Thailand who wishes to play their favorite casino slots games can still do so on international online casino sites. Most of these websites have valid licenses so playing online slots at online gaming platform like Victory996 is secure.

Enjoy Gaming on the Best Website for Slot Thailand

Being the most reliable and the most secure casino platform, we provide the best online slots service. All players can choose to play online slots on mobile phones, both on the Android operating system.  Gamers who are passionate about online slots games can choose to invest on our trusted website, anytime, anywhere, any day as we are available 24/7. 

We also have other casino games such as Thai lottery, sports betting and live casino. And any time you have questions about the site, feel free to contact our customer service via live chat, LINE or give us a call.

We hope you enjoy betting in Victory996 games.

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