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4D is a popular type of lottery that requires you to pick four digits from a set of numbers, ranging from 0000 to 9999. A draw of twenty three winning digits is usually carried out each time. You win a prize if you successfully match your numbers to the draw results. It is believed that this game of numbers started in 1951 in Kedah, Malaysia. The game started as a 2D, then evolved to 3D and later to 4d number that we are currently playing. A computerized version of the game was launched in early 1986 by Singapore Pools. Afterwards, the game’s popularity increased remarkably. What is exciting about this game is that there are various methods of play applicable, which include standard entry, system (I – Perm) entry, and Roll entry.  Presently, lotto 4d number is part of the culture in Malaysia and Singapore, since it is easy to play and it has a number of attractive prizes to be won such as 1st prize, 2nd price, 3rd prize, special and consolation prize. 4D in Malaysia is supplied by Sports Toto, Magnum 4d number , Da Ma Cai, and Singapore Pools. The popularity of 4d number is also attributed to the type of bets you can place, which include Small and Big. Probability of winning is higher with smaller bets compared to bigger bets.

What is the 4D Number?

 This is a four-digit number lottery that is mainly featured in Malaysia and Singapore. The game requires you to choose a set of four digits from 0000 to 9999. You stand to win a prize or prizes if your chosen 4D numbers match any of the drawn 4D numbers from the Draw No. results. You lose if you fail to match any of the drawn numbers.

 4D NumberMethods of Play – 4D Online Results

There are three main methods of playing 4D lotto: Standard, I-Perm, and Roll.

1. Standard 

This is the ordinary entry method and it is very simple to play. All you have to do is select four digits, such as 5 0 9 6 and bet a minimum of 1 Ringgit.

2. I – Perm

This method is based on all the 4D possible permutations, which include 4, 6, 12, and 24 permutations. This method increases your chances of winning a prize or prizes. But a permutation set is valued at 1 Ringgit.

–          You get 4 permutations, if you have three matching digits in a given 4D number.

–          You get 6 permutations, if you have two pairs of matching digits in a given 4D number.

–          You get 12 permutations, if you have two matching digits in a given 4D number.

–          You get 24 permutations, if you have four different digits in a given 4D number.

3. Roll

This is a pretty straightforward method of playing 4D. You have to select either Roll 1 or Roll 4. Roll 1 entry requires you to choose the last three digits, and the first digit will automatically be from 0 to 9. Roll 4 entry requires you to choose the first three digits, and the last digit will automatically be from 0 to 9. 

Note: There are two types of bets: Big or Small. If you bet small, you only win the first, second, and third prize. If you bet big, you win 1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize, special, and consolation prize.

Types of 4d number Suppliers in Malaysia

 As we mentioned earlier, there are four main types of 4D suppliers in Malaysia.

1. Sports Toto

In 1969, the Malaysian Government incorporated Sports Toto. Later on in 1985, the company was privatized. Currently, the company is a major part of Berjaya Sports Toto Berhad. Today, the company is considered the largest number forecast operator in Malaysia because it has the highest count of product offerings and outlets. In addition to Toto 4D and 4D Jackpot, Sports Toto also offers Toto 5D, Toto 6D, Supreme Toto, Power Toto, and Star Toto.

2. Magnum 4D

Magnum is the first 4d number supplier licensed to run the thrilling 4d number Classic, including the Powerball 4D, Magnum Life, Jackpot Gold 4d number, and 4D Jackpot. The social responsibility of this company is remarkable. They have been dedicated to a social policy of impactful and sustainable sharing and caring, since 1968.

3. Da Ma Cai

Da Ma Cai is one of the popular 4d number providers operated by Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd. In early 1988, Malaysia incorporated the Pan Malaysian Pools. The company is mainly focused on Numbers Forecast Totalisator. Their principal business is based on the 1961 Racing (Totalisator Board) Act. Da Ma Cai under Pan Malaysian Pools offer 3D games and 1+3D games (which is their version of 4D game). But the prices of 3D are lower compared to the prizes of 1+3D.

4. Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools is a world-class 4d number provider in the region. The company is highly trusted by customers and the community at large. The owner of the company is the Tote Board, which is under the Ministry of Finance. All the betting services and products are regulated by the Government. In addition to 4D, Singapore Pools also offers Toto 6/49 lotto, Horse Betting, Sports Betting, and the Singapore Sweep.    

Checking 4D ? 4D Lucky Number

The most exciting part about lucky numbers is that they are everywhere and anywhere. You just have to know how to pick them. But there are a lot of delusions about lucky numbers. In fact, there are some numbers that have been overused by gamblers because of false assumptions. There are various ways of predicting a 4d online results with 4D lucky number, but the most promising one is checking 4D past result statistics. When checking past results, you should be mainly concerned about the trend of the numbers. check past 4d result that appear the most in the last ten or more draws. Alternatively, you can choose to use a lucky number generator (there are lots of them online). Most lucky number generators can generate odd, even, or half-odd numbers. You can also choose to generate numbers based on zodiac sign and good luck charm color (such as red). You can observe your own trend of choosing numbers. Are you always lucky with an even, odd, or half-odd 4D number? In most cases, it is highly unlikely for an all-even or all-odd 4D number to be a winning number in any of the available draw results. Therefore, it is wise to consider numbers that have both even and odd digits. For example, 4701, 5963, 0998, 6602, 0r 1007.

Check Past 4D Result? Get Your 4D Online Results Here!

You can’t wager blindly on 4d number . Improve your chances of choosing winning numbers with check past 4d result. You can get past results from your 4D provider. Sports Toto has one of the most detailed “Past Results” page. You can check the Toto 4D result history by Calendar or Draw Number 4d results.

The easiest way to checking 4d past result is by a draw number 4d number results. For example, the draw number 3880 will pull you the draw results of 03/03/2007, Saturday. But if you don’t have any draw number in mind, you can always check the calendar. For example, there are eight past results in October 2019. All you have to do is click on special draw date to pull the results. What you should be checking for from the draw results are the recent hot and cold 4d numbers. Hot numbers are ones that appear the most and cold numbers are ones that appear the least. You might be wondering how a past 4D winning number may appear in future results. According to the statistics, it is evident that the computer can produce the same number several times over the years. The 4D results mentioned herein are for reference only. You can find the exact lotto 4D result from the legal number forecast operators, such as Sports Toto, Da Ma Cai, and Singapore Pools.

Experience on Playing 4D Toto Here

We know exactly what you are looking for as an enthusiastic player of 4D in Malaysia. Victory996 has the best setup for you. First we welcome you with our lucky number generator, which is easy and fun to use. Just click the spin button and a lucky number will appear. Our lucky number generator generates numbers that have a high probability of appearing in the next draw 4D winning numbers. We have to main platforms for 4D betting: PSBet and Grand Dragon Lottery. Each platform displays a payout table. Past results are very important when playing 4D (whether it is Standard, I-Perm, or Roll play). So, we have included a system that will help you check out past results.

Our system is simple to use. There is a dropdown menu that displays the date of the month. All you have to do is select a special draw date, and the results will be displayed if there are any.

To make your search of past draw results even easier, we have included check past 4d results of all the number forecast operators in the region, including:

–          Magnum 4D

–          Da Ma Cai 1+3D

–          Sports Toto

–          GD Lotto

–          Singapore

–          Sabah 88

–          Sandakan

–          Special CashSweep   

Tips/Tricks to Win 4D Games

Do you want to win 4D in the next three draws? Here are the best tips 4d results that will improve your chances of winning.

  • Know the Basic Requirements of the Game

The game requires you to buy 4d online results  that you have chosen from 0000 to 9999. The number you select wins a prize, if it matches any of the drawn numbers in the draw results. Always know the draw special draw date. Draws take place three days every week (Wed, Sat, and Sun) with a special draw 4D on selected Tuesdays – which is special draw date.

  • Specialize in a Specific Method of Play

As we discussed earlier, there are three main methods of playing 4D games: Ordinary entry, permutations, and roll entry. Of the three methods, we recommend the permutation method (i-Perm). It gives you additional opportunities to win with smaller bets.

  • Know the Prize Structure

It is absolutely important for you to know the prize structure. You can win five different prizes with 4D games. There are five prizes to be won: first, second, third, ten special, and ten consolation prizes. The prizes are usually presented in a table form.

The structure includes prizes for big bets and prizes for small bets. Big bet prizes are smaller, while small bet prizes are bigger. For example, the first prize of 4D Toto ordinary big bet is RM2500, while for the small bet is RM3500. 

However, the prizes differ from one 4D game to another. You should also know that some 4D games prizes are smaller. 4D permutations tend to have smaller prizes. For example, the first prize of the Toto 4D (24 permutations) is RM105 when you bet big, and RM146 when you bet small during your 4D prediction with check past 4d result in 4d online results in special draw date.

  • Bet Big or Small

When you buy Big, you will win if your number matches any winning number in a draw of 23 numbers. 

When you buy Small, you will only win 4d results if your number matches first, second or third prize. There is a smaller chance to win. So, the prize is bigger.

Do you want to win even more? Buy more than one ringgit to multiply your prize amount in special draw date. If the first prize is RM2500, you will double the amount when you bet RM2. Buy both Big and Small to win both prizes, if you hit first, second or third prize.

  • Know How to Write Your Play Slip

If you don’t know what to buy, consider choosing a lucky number. Let the computer generate a lucky number for you. Remember, buy both Big and Small to maximize your winnings. After you buy your 4D number or numbers, check your ticket to make sure that everything is correct in .

  • Exercise Patience

The ugly truth about betting on 4D games is that you will not win a prize overnight not unless you are super lucky. As such, you need to observe the winning patterns and understand them. Never give up just because your number or numbers didn’t appear the first week. As you exercise patience with the game, don’t avoid smaller bets. They may help build your confidence whenever you win in special draw date.


The chances of winning any lottery are usually slim. Statistically, the probability of winning the first, second, and third prize is one in millions. The introduction of 4d results games has improved the odds of winning greatly. You might not win the first or second prizes, but you still stand a chance of winning the third, special, or consolation prizes. According to the recent big winnings, most gamblers have successfully won the 1st and the 2nd prizes. This clearly shows that 4D games have improved the chances of winning.

In fact, the last ten recent 4d results draw have had more than thirty 2nd prize winners in all versions of 4D games. This is quite impressive, considering the odds.

There are a number of reasons why 4D is a great game:

  • The game provides more chances to win big prize RM.
  • Draws are made thrice a week, allowing you to try your luck three times in a week.
  • You can bet small to win frequently, and bet big to win most prizes.


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