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Sports betting famously known as Sportsbook is the act of betting sites on popular sporting events. A gambler usually bets on the results of the sport. Sports betting in Malaysia has existed for a long time regardless of the fact that it is impossible to state when the first bet on sports was made. The Greeks invented the Olympic Games, and spectators bet among themselves. Ancient Rome used to place bets at the circus or chariot races in the City of Rome. Throughout history major sports gambling legislation took place in the United States. The first legalized Sportsbook opened in Las Vegas in 1949. After a series of legal events, the first Sportsbook was opened in a Vegas casino in 1975. The US congress made the Sportsbook economically available when they slashed tax rates in 1984. All the legislations that regulated Sportsbook in traditional land-based casinos paved way for Online Sportsbooks. This led to the dawn of Sportsbook in Malaysia. While soccer, basketball, and football might be the most favorite in Sportsbook betting Malaysia, your options are limitless since you can bet on horse racing, American Football, and so on. And the popularity of Sportsbook game has further increased with the introduction of live or in-play sports betting.

Best Malaysian Sportsbook 

We have the best Malaysia online betting Sportsbook betting sites Victory996 Malaysia has innovative sporting solution that are assured to unlock incremental revenues for you. At Victory996, you will come across many sporting events that you can bet on, including the following:

–          Soccer

–          Basketball

–          Tennis

–          Cricket

–          Ice Hockey

–          Cycling

–          American Football

–          Darts

–          E-Sports

–          Floorball

–          Futsal

–          Golf

–          Handball

–          And Motor Racing to mention a few 

Our website has top online Sportsbook betting services in Malaysia, which include funds transfers, automatic betting, Sportsbook management, and account management. Our services provide you with advice on how to bet and when to bet. We also have a blog section where you can get tips and valuable info on sports betting.

Our Sports Betting Malaysia Platforms

Our Sportsbook betting platforms focus on the realism of the game play and the number of tournaments based on real sporting events. Our services provide all the main markets you could think of, including multiples and outrights. This ensures all our bettors get the most realistic Sportsbook products in the region.

  • Victory996 SportsThis is the best Sportsbook game site in Malaysia. It has a detailed interface that is super easy to navigate. The many benefits of live betting are all included. There are numerous sporting events to choose from, including live ones and those are yet to start. If you are a fan of soccer, you have 1000+ live events to bet on at any given time.
  • IBC Sports This platform has reliable sports betting services. The interface is fairly easy to use. You won’t have a problem navigating from one point to another. But IBC Sport has a limited number of sporting events, which include: number game, virtual sports, E-sports, basketball, baseball, football, ice hockey, and tennis among few others.
  • SBO SportsThis is a betting platform that ensures you have a smooth experience betting on live sporting events. It has a sufficient number of sporting events and tournaments.

Sportsbook Game

Sportsbook game online is a place where bettors can wager on sporting events, using the power of the internet. You can bet real money on sports from anywhere and on the go. To place a bet, you need to sign up for a free account and login to your Sportsbook account, then make a real money deposit.

Oneworks Sportsbook

Oneworks is your premier one-stop online Sportsbook solution. It is the world’s best online sports betting operator that has developed over the past decade.

This platform has a wide selection of sports betting, including unmatched in-play or in-running events and markets. The use of Oneworks enables operators to provide a comprehensive menu of live events without the need of recruiting resource-intensive, expensive teams. This platform can handle tens of thousands of users online at any given time. It is the market leader for stability as well as scalability. 

Main Features of Oneworks Sportsbook 

#1. Language Options

Oneworks is available in the following languages:

–          English

–          Chinese Traditional

–          Chinese Simplified

–          Thai

–          Spanish

–          Polish

–          Greek

–          Vietnamese

–          Russian

–          Romanian

–          Korean

–          Japanese

–          Italian

–          Indonesian

–          Hungarian

–          German  

#2. Different Platforms

Oneworks offers different platforms: International, European, and Asian, allowing online casino sports betting to gain global reach.

#3. Odds Format

Currently, Oneworks features the following malay odds:

–          Malaysian

–          Indonesian

–          Hong Kong

–          Decimal

–          UK (fractions)

–          American Odds

#4. Available Sports

Currently, Oneworks offers the following sports: Soccer, Diving, Snooker, American Football, Entertainment, Squash, Baseball, Equestrian, Swimming, Basketball, Field Hockey, Table Tennis, Archery, Golf, Tennis, Badminton, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Boxing, Water Polo, Canoeing, Ice Hockey, Weight Lifting, Cricket, Mixed Martial Arts, Winter Sports, Darts, Motorsports, and E-Sports.  

#5. Completely Customizable 

Onework is completely customizable, which allows sports betting online to tailor in-play sites to best meet customers’ needs. The theme logo can be customized to anything, depending on the preference of the Sportsbook operator, such as, or You can customize the theme color to any given shade, such as orange, green, or purple theme colors to mention a few. Other attributes that can be customized include: theme font and position and extension banners among others. Oneworks provides a mobile betting online interface, which is currently available for Android, iPhone and other smartphones.

#6. Oneworks Sportsbook Format

Oneworks is available in three main formats, which include:

–          Asian Sportsbook Format
This format is available through certified third party providers. The details of the platform depend on the specific brand as demanded by the Asian marketplace.

–          China Sportsbook Format
This is a new platform on the market, which is mainly based on the China marketplace. It is fine-tuned to meet the needs of the Northern China market.

–          International Sportsbook Format
This format was introduced into the market by Oneworks to meet the needs of European as well as International marketplace. It has all the features of the Asian and China formats.

  • WFT

This is an Asian Sportsbook Provider that was founded in 2004. The platform mainly targets the European and Asian marketplace.

WinningFT is licensed and regulated by the following: the Government of Costa Rica, the Government of the Netherlands Antilles, and the First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation. WinningFT boasts online casino games, providing bettors with increased opportunities of hobby betting options and winning decent profits.

Main Features of WFT Sportsbook

#1. Language Options

WFT is available in the following languages:

–          English

–          Vietnamese

–          Thai

–          Indonesian

–          Chinese

–          Korean

#2. Different Platforms

WFT is mainly focused on providing sports betting or Sportsbook services and products to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, and European markets.

#3. The Odds Type 

Currently, WFT features the following odds type:

–          Malay

–          Hong Kong

–          Indo

–          Euro

#4. Available Sports 

Currently, WFT offers the following sports: Soccer, Ski Jumping, Basketball, Tennis, Super Combo, Water Polo, E-Sports, US Football, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Formula 1, Boxing, Snooker, Darts, Moto Sports, Golf, Handball, Cricket, Volleyball, Baseball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cycling, Motor GP, Combat Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Gaelic Sport, Aussies Rules, C. Country Skiing, Alpine, and Biathlon among others.

#5. WFT Sportsbook Format

This platform comes with an international format that is applicable to all the supported countries or regions. Unlike Oneworks, WFT does not have customizable theme settings. The interface’s original theme settings are the ones used by certified third party providers of Sportsbook.

Summary: Both Oneworks and WFT, through their dedicated Sportsbook suppliers, provide a selection of in-play events and features to their licenses. In-play also referred to as live betting is a series of events that allow sports fans to wager on the outcome of live sporting events.
The volume of in-play betting is increasing, and the online bookmaker market has grown to be intensively competitive.
Oneworks can provide its customers with more than a hundred soccer leagues and more than thirteen thousand in-play markets and five thousand in-play events in a single month.

Experience on Playing Sportsbook Here

Victory996 has vast experience as far as regulated Sportsbook markets are concerned offering the best online sports betting in Malaysia. We ensure you get the best services for your needs. Our Sportsbook platforms are successfully connected to the most popular and high performing Sportsbook software providers. We make Sportsbook in Malaysia more interesting and fun to play. All our customers are hosted in their own dedicated space. Your online casino sports betting experience is further improved with the integration of in-play betting. The in-gaming betting system is our most powerful tool. Our module features special processes for immediate action as you are playing in real time. Our live betting system allows you to make several bets across many types of sports. 

We believe in Victory996 sports betting sites – will do better with the best Malaysian Sportsbook services across different platforms apart from our own Victory996 Sports.That’s why we have other two platforms for you: IBC Sports and SBO Sports. These two platforms improve your betting experience. Our Sportsbook services are the easiest to access. All you need is to login to your account navigate to the Sportsbook icon on your home page and click on your preferred Sportsbook product. If you select Victory996 Sports, you will be directed to the interface. Once there, you can start betting on your favorite sports, tournaments and teams.



Traditional sports betting used to take place in a brick and mortar casino, which to be honest wasn’t fun and its reach was limited. The dawn of Sportsbook Asia changed everything for the better. You no longer have to dress in a specific code and meet a number of legal requirements to get into a casino and bet on your favorite sport. Thanks to the development of world-class Sportsbook providers, such as Oneworks and WFT, you can now wager on sports from the comfort of your home.

It is the beginning of a new era in Sports betting where you have user-friendly in-play platforms, providing 100+ bet types on 30+ sports types, and countless live betting events in a month.  

Here are the main reasons that make Sportsbook a great game:

  • Live (in-play) betting. You can now follow the progress of a live event and wager on possible outcomes.
  • Numerous sports, tournaments, and markets to bet on, and they are all under one roof.


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